The Awesome Moment Marine Is Reunited With Cutest Puppy He Rescued In Afghanistan

Active-duty Marine Sgt. Jacob Fisher’s main objective when he was deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan was to save lives. He went above and beyond his call of duty when he met Jax, a small puppy who wandered onto the military base and was caught in one of the animal traps. Fisher knew that Jax had no chance in the harsh conditions of the frozen, war-torn area, so he rescued the adorable pup.

The dog instantly lifted the spirits of Fisher and all of the brave souls on the military base. The innocent fun of a puppy gave all of the soldiers a distraction from all of the horrors of war.

Fisher, who is a diesel engine mechanic, had served his seven-month deployment to Afghanistan and came home. Unfortunately there was some paperwork and red tape to get Jax home with him.

Fisher, who has been in the Marines Corps for 11 years that featured three tours of duty in the Middle East, was persistent in his attempts at getting Jax back to the States. He was home for nearly three months, but finally he was reunited with his best friend at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Now that is a rescue dog story.