Mark Cuban Says The Trump Brand Is Now ‘Toxic’ And The Donald Will Personally ‘Go Bankrupt Within 7 Years’

The feud between Donald Trump and Mark Cuban dates back to at least 2004 when the current Republican presidential candidate sent a scorching letter to “congratulate” the Dallas Mavericks owner on his failed TV show. Hillary Clinton invited Cuban to sit in the front row of the first 2016 presidential debate in an attempt to rattle the real estate tycoon. A move that Clinton said “really… unsettled my opponent.” On Thursday, Cuban went on the offensive against Trump again.

Cubes said that the GOP presidential nominee will end up broke if he loses the election because his brand is “toxic.”

Cuban added that in only two months Trump’s “premium brand” has gone to shit.

Trump companies have declared bankruptcy four times.

Cuban also joked about Fox News interviewing the Donald.

There are 38 days until the 2016 presidential election.

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