Famous Fisherman Makes Catch Of A Lifetime: Reels In A Kilo Of Cocaine Off Miami Coastline



Mark Quartiano, more commonly known as “Mark the Shark” in fishing circles, deems himself the “most recognized name in shark fishing in the world.” He is brash and controversial, as conservationists have taken aim at him on several occasions due to the dwindling shark population worldwide (this is a bad thing I guess?). Mark says he has killed thousands of sharks in his 40-year charter captain career.

The famed fisherman, who has taken famous names like Robert DeNiro, Will Smith and Rosie O’Donnell out on the open seas, came across the catch of a lifetime 2 miles off the coast of Miami on Wednesday when he happened upon a package bobbing in the water.

His first mate used a net to retrieve the package, which was a foot-and-half by a foot and weighed about 12 pounds. It turned out to be a kilo of cocaine, which in the United States can be sold for around $30,000, according to Narcotics News.

Mark the Shark then contacted the U.S. Coast Guard and turned in the drugs when he returned to shore. WHAT AN IDIOT.

Check out the scene below, with a bonus smokeshow for visual effect.

Bottom line: It’s good to be Mark “The Shark” Quartiano.

[h/t Miami New Times]