Here’s How Much Money Mark Zuckerberg Has Made Every Single Day Of His Life

Mark Zuckerberg is a Bro. I don’t care what you think, the 32-year-old billionaire founder and CEO of Facebook created a product that most of us can’t imagine living without. And back when he was building it fresh off the Harvard quad, he Bro’d out pretty hard. Note the recently unearthed video from 2005 above. Kegs stands!

Zuckerberg is worth $51.8 billion. A couple weeks ago CNBC did the math on how much money he’s made for every single day of being alive. It’s more than most people make in an entire lifetime.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s turns 32 on Saturday, and he has a few million things to celebrate. With a fortune estimated at $51.8 billion, he’s one of the world’s richest people. But because of his youth, he’s actually made more money per day of living than anybody else on the planet.

Specifically, Zuckerberg’s potent combo of youth and wealth has averaged out to $4.4 million for every day he’s been alive, according to CNBC calculations. That rate is bigger than anybody else on Forbes’ list of billionaires.

I can’t even wrap my head around that astronomical figure. No wonder the dude just spent $30 million buying his neighbors houses just so he can demolish them. Getting rid of nosey neighbors with your fuck you money is as Bro-tastic as it gets.

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