Mark Zuckerberg Probably Didn’t Pop Molly, But Is Definitely Sweating, in This Photo at Rave

There's a lot to love about this picture: For one, Zuckerberg is pouring with sweat. It's obvious he's been there a while. And I admit, I'm surprised to see proof that his billions haven't made him somehow immune to the human thermoregulation system. Mark's also rocking that classic awkward white-dude “Two Hands Balled in Fists” dance. A go-to move for generations.

The kicker, though, has to be that we're at least 60% sure that's his wife, Priscilla Chan, right beside him, and yet there's about four feet of space between the duo. It's like he's saying to her, Kanye-style, “Don't get in my zone. Definitely don't get in my zone.”

Honestly, though, it is cool to see this incredibly famous dude cut loose and get into the EDM craze. Do you, Zuck. Do you.

[H/T: The Sun]