Donald Trump And Martin Shkreli Are 100% Doppelgangers And I Never Realized It Until Seeing This

Donald J. Trump is hot on the campaign trail. He’s just won the New Hampshire primary and he’s trying to lock down South Carolina as we speak. Martin Shkreli on the other hand is spending his time on Twitter pretending to have been swindled out of $15 million by someone pretending to be tight with Kanye West who allegedly convinced Shkreli that he could buy Yeezy’s new album. Shkreli was tweeting that he transferred $15 million in bitcoin for the rights to Kanye’s new album, which is a very convenient story if you’re a millionaire trying to hide all of your money from the government.

Politically I don’t have a clue if Martin Shkreli and Donald Trump align, frankly I try and learn as little about the Pharma Douche as possible because he’s not worth the time it takes for me to skim another article talking about his disgusting business practices. I do however have time to scroll through Twitter and see this brilliant mashup of Trump and Shkreli, who are near carbon copies of each other:

Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked at all to learn that the Pharma Douche Martin Shkreli watches footage of Donald Trump and takes facial cues on how he should act in public. Trump is a brilliant tactician when it comes to business, and he’s proven that he can be incredibly demeaning to other candidates just by adjusting his face into weird ass shapes.

Shkreli on the other hand is getting ripped apart by the federal government, and is forced to sit in front of powerful politicians. He’s a kid though in comparison to Trump, this is the first time he’s ever dealt with people this powerful. So again it wouldn’t shock me at all if he’s actually intentionally mirroring Donald Trump’s facial quirks.

[via @Neoavatara]