Damn, Martin Shkreli Is Worth A Lot More Money Than You Probably Thought



We learned yesterday (okay, we already knew) that rich finance bros are the absolute worst.

No rich finance Bro is as awful as Martin Shkreli, though.

He’s America’s most hated man, and he seems to relish in that. It probably is easy to endure scorn, what when you can fall back on your bed made of cash, which sits on your floor made of cash, surrounded by walls that are actually just stacks and stacks and stacks of cash.

Because Shkreli is rich. Just how rich was never known, until today. Brace yourself, because you are about to hate him even more.

Martin Shkreli is worth $45 million dollars. The news is thanks to court documents that reveal his assets. And that’s just the money he had in an E-Trade account, which is what he used to secure his bond.

He could have more.

Forty five fucking million dollars. Life is bullshit.

[Via Gawker]

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