Horny Hedge Funder Sued For Hiring ‘Sexual Plaything,’ Asking Her Boyfriend If He Likes How His Dick Tastes

Marc Abrams is the founder of the hedge fund Titan Capital Group, who, in October, was forced to quit a state Senate race in Connecticut after allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct.

Now, those actions are starting to come to light, as Abrams is being sued by his former receptionist. Most prominently, that he hired her solely to be his sexual plaything. She had a boyfriend at the time, and was not into it, but after Abrams and his brother pressured her, she relented, worried she would lose her job otherwise.

The woman eventually left the firm, and that’s when her horny, angry boss went to town. On her boyfriend.

When [she] quit in 2009, Marc flew into a jealous rage and sent her boyfriend a taunting message on Facebook titled, “hey buddy – how do i taste?” according to court papers.

“Your girlfriend was a real pleasure, especially on her birthday when she s—d me off in my office,” he taunted.

Marc crassly closes with, “remember every time you kiss her, how many times those lips were wrapped around..welll (sic) something bigger than you (*according to her).”

“Hey, Bro, how do you like my dick that is also SO much bigger than yours?!?”

God. Rich finance Bros really are the fucking worst.

Also, what idiot dude doesn’t know women lie about size all the fucking time. Dumbass.

[Via the New York Post]