A Massachusetts Police Department Has Figured Out How To Catch Drug Dealers And It’s Goddamn Genius

by 4 years ago

The Charlton Police Department in Massachusetts has done it. They cracked the years old case of how to win (or mostly win) the war on drugs. How is that you ask? By allowing drug dealers to anonymously turn in their competition.

On Friday, the department posted the photo below on their Facebook page as a joke, but I’m thinking this is so dumb that it just might be brilliant.


Charlton Police Department

What are drug dealers two biggest problems? The pigs shutting down their drug-slangin’ operation and other drug dealers being all up in their turf, stealing their clientele and shit. So it’s not farfetched to see why this “system” could work. Will it? Probably not, but from where I am sitting (White Suburbia) it sure as hell seems like it beats having to murder rival drug dealers and all the mess that comes along with that.

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