This Guy’s Wife Didn’t Want To Take Maternity Photos, So He Took Creepy ‘Maternity’ Photos Of Himself Instead

Reddit user DruishPrincess69 either has the best sense of humor I’ve encountered, or is one of the creepiest individuals I’ve ever had the misfortune of stumbling across on the Internet. Sure, the first two photos are alright. The usual stereotypical pregnancy poses, y’know…


But then it gets weird. Really, really weird.


Maybe it’s just the grayscale throwing me off, but I’m getting a Jack the Ripper vibe from a few of these. It’s even worse when you remind yourself that he’s just a fat dude with a pot belly taking pictures of himself, especially when you look at the pictures of himself admiring his stomach…blegh.

Oh and then this other dude pops out of nowhere so he can mack on fake pregnant man’s stomach. My eyes need a good round of bleaching after this.

[H/T Reddit]