Teacher Kicks Off First Day Of School With Karaoke Song That Makes Rebecca Black Look Like Beyonce

by 3 years ago

As the YouTube commenters have been saying, this teach is basically the Michael Scott and/or Leslie Knope of education. Full disclosure, I could only make it through 30-seconds of this video before I threw my laptop into the trash and had to go to Best Buy and get the Geek Squad technicians to remove this clip from my computer and brain forever.

If I were Calvin Harris and Rihanna I’d be filing a takedown notice immediately on this. Their song has been a hit by every conceivable measure:

This track? It’s likely to end to the early demise of this poor teacher’s career. And you know she labored over those lyrics for WEEKS as the Summer came to a close. She thought she was going to drop the hottest of fire on those students only to end up on the Internet with the most cringe-worthy thing we’ve seen since Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’.

…(h/t r/videos)…

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