Teacher Kicks Off First Day Of School With Karaoke Song That Makes Rebecca Black Look Like Beyonce

As the YouTube commenters have been saying, this teach is basically the Michael Scott and/or Leslie Knope of education. Full disclosure, I could only make it through 30-seconds of this video before I threw my laptop into the trash and had to go to Best Buy and get the Geek Squad technicians to remove this clip from my computer and brain forever.

If I were Calvin Harris and Rihanna I’d be filing a takedown notice immediately on this. Their song has been a hit by every conceivable measure:

This track? It’s likely to end to the early demise of this poor teacher’s career. And you know she labored over those lyrics for WEEKS as the Summer came to a close. She thought she was going to drop the hottest of fire on those students only to end up on the Internet with the most cringe-worthy thing we’ve seen since Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’.

…(h/t r/videos)…