Crazed Dude Dances Atop Ex-Girlfriend’s House After Setting It On Fire

Absolutely ruthless. But as fellow BroBible editor David Covucci pointed out after first seeing this story of a dude who torched his ex-girlfriend’s house to the ground and took the time to dance on the roof as that motherfucker burned: “Scoreboard tho.”

Yeah, it’s safe to say 25-year-old Matthew Russ got the last laugh in this relationship, seeing as he also totaled his estranged ex’s car before going all “Fire Burning on The Dance Floor!” on her crib. The local news coverage of this one is as priceless as Russ’ vindictive antics, which many speculate to have been drug-fueled.

Literally no mercy. Dude’s still smiling as he’s on a gurney being wheeled into an ambulance following several rubber bullets and a taser to the chest. Totally heartless. Although, it might’ve been the drugs making him smile, I’m still not sure.

So this one could go either way, right? I mean, I don’t think they’re getting back together after this, but some girls are so crazy they find this kind of thing chivalrous. Like, the dude was dancing on a burning house for you! That’s about as heroic as they come these days!

But really, they’re probably never, ever getting back together.

[via CBS12, h/t KFC]