Here’s What A Taco Bell Taco And A McDonald’s Burger Look Like After 2 YEARS Of Sitting Out

Dr. Jaqueline Vaughn, Yahoo

Dr. Jaqueline Vaughn, a chiropractor in Michigan, purchased menu items from Taco Bell and McDonald’s two years ago. But she didn’t eat them. Instead, she put them under a glass dome in her office so her patients could see the scary-long shelf-life of the food they may have been putting into their bodies. You know, just in case these folks didn’t think the fast food they’ve been slamming to their dome was comprised of pure, apocalypse-proof shit.

According to Yahoo Finance:

None of the food has grown mold or started to smell, according to Jessica Freed, a chiropractic assistant who works in the office.

Jessica Freed “You would think there would at least be bugs coming around, but we don’t see any at all,” Freed told Business Insider.

“Fast food is just terrible for you,” she said. “We are showing our patients that it won’t mold and even the bugs won’t touch it.”

Yeah…well…bugs are stupid, just look how delicious this burger and taco still look.

To McDonald’s credit, they are willing to answer “why the fuck don’t your burgers rot?” and other consumer questions on their website. I, for one, can’t handle and give very few fast food-induced shats about the truth, but God speed if you want to fall down that rabbit hole.

[H/T Yahoo, Images via Dr. Jaqueline Vaughn/Yahoo]