VIDEO: McDonald’s Customer Spits In Drive-Thru Window, Punches Worker But Worker Dishes BEATDOWN To The Face

by 3 years ago

According to Mirror, the whole brawl started when the McDonald’s drive-thru window worker went to hand the customer his change back but accidentally dropped a few coins. Rather than behave like any other normal human being and reach down to grab the dropped money, instead he customer got out of his car, spit on the drive-thru window and tried to punch the worker.

In the footage the worker is dragged half way out of the window by his uniform tie, by the driver dressed in shorts.

As the man pulls hard on the tie, the McDonald’s employee punches the man several times to the head.

The employee shouts back to another team member behind him and says: “Man, he got my m******-f****** tie.”(via)

The footage was reportedly captured in Northeast Minneapolis. No word yet on whether charges were pressed on the driver.

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[H/T Mirror]


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