McDonald’s Employee Celebrates His 100th Birthday By Going to Work at McDonald’s, Proves Millenials Really Are a Bunch of Shitheads


McDonald’s employee Morris Miller might be the oldest McDonald’s employee in the world. Last week he celebrated his 100th birthday by going to work… at McDonald’s in  Needham, Massachusetts. He doesn’t really “work” per se, but more gets paid to show up a few hours three days a week to shoot the shit with other customers He started working at McDonland’s when he was 75, settling into his current role as a franchise ambassador in his 90s.

Have to give it to the guy… Many whiny millenials who think service industry jobs are above them have hard enough time making it to their salaried office jobs at 9am at the age of 24. This guy goes to work at a fast food restaurant for a couple of bucks a week at the age of 100. When you’re old enough to have lived through two World Wars, going to any job doesn’t seem like all that bad, even on your centennial birthday.

Truly a member of the greatest generation.

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[H/T: Uproxx]

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