Pittsburgh McDonald’s Offering Incrediblly Rare Menu Item — Heroin

by 4 years ago

An employee of a McDonald's restaurant in Pittsburgh was charged Wednesday with selling heroin in Happy Meals to customers. Here’s how the whole deal went down.

Customers looking for heroin were instructed to go through the drive-thru and say, “I'd like to order a toy,” said Mike Manko, spokesman for District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. The customer would then drive to the window, hand over the money and get a Happy Meal box containing heroin in exchange, Manko said.

Everyone was happy with the deal except probably for that for one super pissed dad who really did want a toy. It was probably for his kid. Just to shut the kid up. You know what he gave him instead?

No, not heroin, you awful person.

[via The Big Story]

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