Two McLaren Supercars Battle On The Track And They Sound Like Scar vs. Simba In The Battle For Pride Rock

The McLaren F1 GTR will forever be one of the most revered supercars ever made. First debuting in 1995, the McLaren F1 GTR is still every bit as impressive today as it was two decades ago, and in some gear head circles it remains the most important super car in history. That said, it now has some in-house competition from it’s brother, the McLaren P1 GTR.

As sort of a ‘super car debutante ball’ McLaren put its two most impressive cars together on the track, pitting super car against super car in a battle for the ages. But as I’m watching this video all I can think of is ‘they should really grab these sound bytes for a Lion King sequel’, because these two cars sound like lions roaring at one another in a display of dominance.

Some highlights in GIF:

The Verge reports:

The McLaren F1, now over two decades old, is still revered as one of the greatest hypercars ever made — even by 2015 standards.

And then there’s the new P1 GTR — an even more extreme P1 intended for track-only duty that features dozens of tweaked bits, a lovely aerodynamic package, and a horsepower bump close to 1,000 hp. It officially debuts in a few days at the Geneva Motor Show.

Here’s another glimpse of what we can expect to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show:

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