Med Student Gets Incredibly Brutal Revenge On Girlfriend Who Cheated On Him

Today’s lesson in revenge on a cheating significant other teaches us that if you are dating a med student you might want to make sure things end amicably should you happen to break up.

At least if they are anything like Redditor medschoolmarvel, who tells a tale about the very wicked revenge he got on a girl who cheated on him while he was in medical school.

The way he tells is, his girlfriend at the time, who he describes as a 7/10 who thought she was a 10/10 and acted like it, was pretty much useless while they were dating. He busted his ass at med school then would come home and do all the cleaning, cooking, and even paying for the apartment. She was “beneath” such things, or so she thought.

Because of having to do pretty much everything himself he admits he let himself go a little bit due to having zero time, plus he says that she was verbally (and sometimes physically) abusive to him. But hey, he loved her… A LOT.

Take it from here, medschoolmarvel

About half a year into my internship I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me with some art student she said “was there for her” and “made her feel special and needed.” I told her to get out of my apartment, and she was all too happy to do so.

Fast forward a few years and she’s in a Master’s program in Europe an starts talking to me again. I’m on the cusp of finishing my residency and about to start earning the “big bucks” people think doctors earn. She asks me for another chance; I was tempted to go for it until she started verbally abusing me again over our Facetime/Skype sessions. I hatched a plot: I told her she’d have to quit her Master’s program and come to the states within three months (she was graduating in six). She was reticent to do so, but I told her that if she wanted me back she needed to give me a show of good faith. I guess she figured she’d hamstring me by trapping me with marriage because she agreed.

The day before she was due to fly out to the U.S. I told her I was lying. I blocked her on all my accounts and never spoke to her again. From what I understand she’s now surfing couches getting by on begging for charity from what few friends she made in Europe, and sometimes fucking some dude twice her age so he’d throw money at her.

His tl;dr version of the story?

“Don’t cheat on med students. We bust our asses during med school and if anyone mistreats us, we REMEMBER that shit for the rest of our lives.”

Duly noted, bro. Duly noted.

Angry doctor image by Shutterstock