$1 Million Memorial For ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle Unveiled In His Hometown

On Thursday, the Chris Kyle Memorial Plaza was unveiled to honor the fallen U.S. Navy SEAL. The $1 million memorial features a statue of the American Sniper and was revealed during a ceremony in Kyle’s hometown of Odessa, Texas.

The statue stands 15 feet tall on top of a 48,000-pound base made from granite and limestone, which was cut from Kyle’s hometown. The monument, which took three months to construct, features a SEAL symbol. There are also four trees from former President George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas on the plaza.

The statue was unveiled as The Star-Spangled Banner was sung.

The privately funded memorial celebrates Kyle’s life that saw him served four tours in the Iraq War and is widely believed to be the top sniper in American history with more than 150 kills.

The statue of Kyle is the centerpiece of three plazas that are linked together. The two other plazas feature the “unmentioned team members and all of those other unnamed SEALS that gave their lives for our country.”

Kyle’s wife Taya, local politicians, and country singer Larry Gatlin were in attendance for the ceremony.

At the memorial ceremony, Dr. Supid Bose, Iraq war veteran, and Taya Kyle spoke about the fallen veteran.

U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz paid his respects to Kyle.

Kyle was killed in 2013 at a Texas shooting range by a young man who had PTSD. The movie American Sniper was based on Kyle’s life and was played by Bradley Cooper, who sparked anger this week when he appeared at the Democratic National Convention.