Study Shows Men Feel 95% More Manlier With Facial Hair — Even If It Looks Like Glued Pubes

Beard Axe


Men have beards. I’m a man. I have a beard. You’re a man. You’ve got…time to grow it in.

I also feel like most men grow facial hair out of sheer laziness. A couple days without shaving and it’s “oh I’m growing a beard” when the truth is “oh, I sleep until the last possible moment each morning, put on any cleaning clothing, and walk out the door.” According to a recent study men grow facial hair to compensate for a lack of balls.

Just For Men surveyed 500 men across the country about their love and dedication to facial hair. They uncovered the following information:

  • Top three reasons men sport facial are self-expression, to look more attractive, to feel manlier
  • 95% of men reported that their facial hair makes them feel manlier
  • 71% of men believe their facial hair makes them more attractive and sexy
  • 53% of men said you’d have to offer them more than $1000 for them to get rid of their facial hair

That’s bullshit. I’d take like $100 bucks to shave to my beard. I’m broke and I don’t care about my looks anymore. Those guys are liars. Hell, I’d shave my face for a nice meal at this point.

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