Men And Women React To The Word ‘P*ssy,’ And They Have Very Different Connotations

There are so many varying meanings to the word “Pussy,” and each individual has a completely different interpretation of the word. Some people think of pussy as the sexual organ, while others perceive it as the life-giving orifice, and others think of a pussy cat. The top definition on Urban Dictionary elegantly defines “Pussy” as:

“The box a dick comes in.”

Fair enough.

The good folks at Cut Video asked men and women ages 15 through 50 to respond with the first thing they think of to the word “pussy,” and the answers were wide-ranging to say the least.

Reactions came in a variety connotations. For females, most of them associated the word “Pussy” to vagina and some found the term to be derogatory or inappropriate. For the men, they generally related the word to a weak person.

One man got offended by the slang word and said, “What a horrible word, who uses that anymore? I think it should really be reserved for cats.”

Here are some of the more interesting responses:

  • Vulgar
  • Weird
  • Great
  • Kill Bill
  • Fun time
  • Scared
  • Terrified
  • Galore
  • Life
  • Crude
  • Disgusting
  • Vajayjay
  • Pretty
  • I hate that word
  • My favorite
  • Power
  • Sex
  • No comment
  • Sexual
  • Weakling

The winner of this entertaining social experiment was one of the ladies who responded by saying, “The first word that comes to my mind is ‘wet.'”

So what is the first thing that comes in your mind in response to the word “Pussy?”