This Is A Menu Of Services Available For Purchase At A London Whore House In 1912

What we have below is “allegedly” a menu from a London brothel that dates bate to 1912, you know, back when you could have a woman rub your nuts with a feather (but not breach your asshole with it) all for $3.85. These days, about all you can get for $3.85 is an egg salad sandwich from a corner store whose floor looks like it hasn’t seen a mop since 1912.

Is this menu real? Probably not. However, I do not possess such answers. In my heart of hearts I hope it is. I hope that our ancestors were able to waltz into a brothel, pull thirty hard-earned dollars out of their wallets, and get to under-fucking a woman while her tits dangled in their face as an extra lady played with their balls as she blew air — AIR!! — up their assholes with a goose quill. That’s a steal of a deal if you ask me. You don’t get that kind of service these days for $300 let alone $30.



[H/T Dangerous Minds]