Dude Gets Trolled Hard By Mercedes-Benz After Asking For A Free Car If He Gets 20 Million Retweets

by 1 year ago

I almost feel bad for major brand accounts right now. It started with that dude who went viral for asking Wendy’s to send him a year’s supply of free chicken nuggets in exchange for 18 million retweets (currently up to 3.2 million RT’s). Now you’ve got every hustler on Twitter trying to hit up brands for free products in exchange for retweets and virality.

Sometimes, though, the brand has no intention of sending someone free products. In the case of Mercedes-Benz, they’re just trolling, and this dude got trolled hard. Just like the Wendy’s chicken nuggets dude this guy was trying to trade millions of retweets for something free:

But then it backfired:


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