Guy Driving A Mercedes SUV Goes On A Road Rage Rampage, Demolishes A Rolls Royce



I’d like to think that this could only happen in the Persian Gulf (where it took place), but I can actually envision this happening in either Boca Raton or Beverly Hills. Someone’s had too much to drink, they’re road raging for some unknown reason, and instead of taking a deep breath and getting the fuck out of the car so they don’t hurt someone that person instead smashes into the side of a Rolls Royce.

This particular incident went down at the Sheraton Hotel Doha (in Qatar), a five-star luxury resort. Supposedly the man driving the Mercedes-Benz SUV was escorted off of the premises by police after being arrested, and neither guests nor hotel employees were harmed.

No amount of alcohol would ever convince any rational human being that getting behind the wheel and doing this is a good idea, clearly this man needs to be institutionalized:

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