Someone Found A Mutilated ‘Mermaid Corpse’ At The Beach And This Thing’s Terrifyingly Realistic

When I see news of a ‘mermaid’ corpse found on a beach I’m naturally going to be a bit skeptical, but in this case, there’s reason to believe something gruesome and sinister might be afoot instead of just a viral stunt.

With Halloween just a few weeks away it’s easy to assume someone planted a Halloween direction to drum up attention. However, the corpse was found on a beach in the UK (Great Yarmouth Beach) and our Anglo-Saxon bros across the pond don’t really celebrate Halloween like we do, in fact it’s not a big deal at all over there. Secondly, as you can see from the photos/video below this is an extremely lifelike mutilated corpse. So if it’s just a viral stunt then someone spent A LOT of money on a mermaid corpse mannequin only to toss it away, and that seems unlikely:

The bros over at UNILAD have put forth several explanations of what this might be, including a seal. I could easily see this being a decomposing seal that was dressed up a little bit by local pranksters, as the black stones in the eye slits are similar to the stones on the beach it would’ve been easy to just drop those into the skeleton. And there’s no reason to think that plastic around the bottom of the tail isn’t just trash that became entangled in the rotting corpse.

What do you bros think? Is it a rotting seal corpse covered in trash, an actual mermaid of some sort, or is this just a very high-end Halloween decoration? Make your case down below in the comments!

(h/t UNILAD)

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