This Kid Proves That If You Mess With Cops, You’ll Probably Get Arrested

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First off, I’d like to say that I love the “Gone Wrong” trend of Youtube videos. Honestly, if your prank goes right, get the hell off my screen because I don’t want to see it. I need things to go wrong in order for it to have my attention. Even if things go right, add “Gone Wrong” to the title, and you’ve just earned yourself about 50k extra views. Luckily, “MESSING WITH COPS! (GONE WRONG)” went quite wrong.

This dude has balls of steel, I’ll give him that. He approaches cops and sarcastically taunts them about liking donuts and calling them pigs. Still not sure why those are offensive things to say to a cop (who doesn’t love donuts and park?), but he knows it’s a good way to get under their skin.

Just because he is brave, doesn’t make him funny. His lines aren’t that funny, but it’s the cops reactions that make this video worth watching. I love the NYPD. They’re such characters, you almost can’t believe they’re real people. They seem more like a cheesy Hollywood portrayal of NYPD cops. As soon as the first cop in the video says, “You raising your hands to me? You want me to stick that hand up yer fuckin’ ass,” I sat back in my seat and knew I was in for an enjoyable ride.

In my opinion, the cops actually had a lot of restraint. My money would’ve been on this kid getting his ass tased and beaten mercilessly. That’s the video I want to see. Did he really think he was gonna be a huge dick to a bunch of NYPD cops and not get arrested? You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

According to the “About” section below the video –

When the cop arrested me they made me wait 4 hours in the precinct and then they took me to jail and made me spend the night there. They arrested me for “harassing a police officer and resisting arrest.” The next day I saw a judge and I received a warning.

Good. Serves you right. I’m not down with being a dick to cops. I know there are some shitty ones out there, but there’s also some shitty teachers, doesn’t mean you should go and be a dick to ALL teachers. I’m cool with anyone who puts their life on the line to protect me, because lord knows I ain’t putting my life on the line to protect anyone.

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