Mexican Brewery Tricks Donald Trump Supporters Into Buying Anti-Trump T-Shirts That Change Patterns In The Sun

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Donald Trump T-Shirt Prank


After first hearing Donald Trump say that he was going to get Mexico to pay for a border wall between the United States and Mexico the team that runs Cucapá, a craft brewery from Mexico City, thought there was a great opportunity to pull off an epic prank.

So what’d they do? They printed some t-shirts (below) which feature a Pro-Trump message (‘I support Donald’) when the shirts are cool, but when the shirts get hot more graphics appear and the message is one that mocks Donald Trump (as well as a clown nose on The Donald). After getting these shirts together the Cucapá Brewery team flew staff to California where they sold these shirts on Venice Beach and Hollywood Boulevard for anywhere between $5 to $10, until police shut down the operation for selling without a permit. You can see all sorts of people buying the shirts in this prank video they produced during the stunt:

TONS of these shirts were sold and none of the Pro-Trump purchasers had any idea that when they put their shirt on and it got hot from body temperature the message would change.

Donald Trump T-Shirt Prank


Here’s what has to say about the message change:

Little did buyers know, though, hot temperatures change the graphics, morphing the pro-Trump message into a spin on a juvenile Spanish-language putdown (“Donald el que lo lea,” or basically “If you read this, you’re Donald”) and adding a red clown nose to Trump’s face.

They then go on to discuss how all of the proceeds from the sale of these anti-Trump shirts will be funding a HUUUUUGE beer party in Mexico City later this month. According to the Facebook event page the party already has 5,500+ people attending.

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