Authorities Believe They Have Found Another Piece Of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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Sweet. With a missing piece of the plane found in July, and now a new possible piece spotted today, we should have the entire jet by…

/takes out graphic calculator

/calls up high school algebra teacher to remind him how to use said calculator


Not bad. We’ll all be dead by then, but our grandkids will no doubt have the mystery solved for them. I doubt they’ll care, too busy teletexting on their Sidekick 3000s to virtua-inject the news into their brain.

Although not confirmed yet, authorities from several different countries are confident a piece that washed up in Mozambique today is another part of the jet that has now been missing for nearly two years. From NBC:

It was found on a sandbank in the Mozambique Channel — the body of water between Mozambique in eastern Africa and Madagascar — and in the same corner of the southern Indian Ocean where the only confirmed piece of debris, a flaperon, was found last July.

Investigators in Malaysia, Australia and the U.S. have seen photographs of the latest object and sources say there is a good chance it comes from a Boeing 777.

The object has the words “NO STEP” on it and could be from the plane’s horizontal stabilizer — the wing-like parts attached to the tail, sources say. It was discovered by an American who has been blogging about the search for MH370.

Malaysia Airlines declined to comment, not wanting to speculate on the part until they could confirm its origin.

Meanwhile, in a move that doesn’t fuel conspiracy theories worldwide, the prime minster of Malaysia was recently found to be in possession of a billion extra dollars than previously reported.

Huh. Huh, indeed.

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