Could A Wing That Washed Ashore Near Madagascar Be Part Of The Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane?

by 4 years ago

It doesn’t take much to get the boners of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 fanboys fluttering. Any sighting, any speculation, any piece of information has us folks jazzed.

And today, the biggest piece of information (and plane!) might possibly have been discovered, a wing segment that washed ashore on La Reunion Island, Madagascar.

Whackos are already obsessing about the similarities.


Yea, exactly. Similitudes incroyables! Only one plane wing looks just like that.

That French dude up there is a former military pilot who told The Telegraph “We all think it is likely that the wing is that of a Boeing 777 – the same plane as MH370.”

Did any other Boeing 777s crash recently? I dunno.

Meanwhile, though Madagascar is far the fuck away, it’s not out of the realm of possibility plane parts could wash up there. Just look at the map I made. The overlap in the Venn Diagram is astounding.


Google Maps

Analysis of ocean currents, via some person I found on Twitter, support this hypothesis.


Not all are convinced foul play has been ruled out. Was it gunning for the U.S. air base at Diego Garcia. Fuck yea probably.


It could be true! We will keep you updated.

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