These Miami Hurricane Bros Rocked Out at an Anti-Obamacare Football Tailgate Saturday

On the one hand, it is technically in the South. On the other, it went for Obama this past election, and a true Southern Gent would never allow his state to succumb to the horrors of a Democratic president, unless it was one of the racist Democratic presidential candidates of the Dixiecrat-era.

But it happened, which is why these Bros of the University of Miami are trying to right that wrong by attending a tailgate that encouraged people to sign a petition against Obamacare. Just look at these boys disdain for socialism, encapsulated in Vine form. 


The tailgate was hosted by Generation Opportunity, whose Twitter bio reads “Promoting economic opportunity for young people through less government and more freedom.” Which looks like exactly what these gents are doing. See how little government there is in that video? And look how much money is being generated (in ad revenue for websites that embed video of drunk bros for clicks). 

[H/T Uproxx]