Sign Outside Michigan State’s Football Locker Room Makes You Feel Some Typo Way

On the field, Michigan State’s football team is not the Same Old Spartans. Certain people tangentially related the program, however, are doing their very best to continue the proud tradition of making Little Brother mistakes.

Witness this unfortunate misspelling near the entrance of the team’s fancy new locker room. You’ll have to read through an unreasonable amount of text to get there. Did the inspirational experts who designed this shrine get paid by the word?

with every acurate pass?

Come on now. What an ironic word to flub.

This is what you get when you try to go all John Grisham in a place where a tweet would have worked. Due to overwritten hubris, good and decent alums like myself must once again defend our ability to read.

Perhaps it’s best we leave the three-syllable words to the big brains in Ann Arbor and focus on what we do best: dominating the competition and getting in tight with low-level rap artists.

[H/T: Fox Sports]