This Is What It Looks Like When A Military Jet Crashes Into The Ground And Explodes

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Can you imagine how fucking horrifying this is if you’re actually there to see it first person? Planes droppin’ out of the sky blowin’ up errywhere? And it’s not like you’re safe if you run. That thing’s moving faster than your scrawny lil’ banana legs can carry you, so if it decides to kiss the ground anywhere in your vicinity you’re about to get engulfed in some good ol’ explosion fire. In all seriousness though, the video is from Tobruk, a city in Libya:

A Libyan military jet crashed in the country’s eastern city of Tobruk on September 2. Journalists shooting video close to the scene said the jet was flying low before it hit a block of flats and crashed into the ground in a fiery inferno. This video, captured by a man in Tobruk, shows the moment the military jet made impact with the ground.

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