If You Smoke Weed Then We’ve Got Some Wonderful News About Your Sex Life

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A study of 500,117 people between the ages of 18 to 34 by SKYN condoms claims that those who smoke marijuana are not only having better sex they’re having more of it.

The results of their annual Millennial Sex Survey report that those who smoke weed daily also have more sex partners as well. 37 percent of people who smoke weed every day say they have had 15 or more partners versus 14 percent of those who have never smoked.

A little over 14 percent of daily weed smokers say they have sex several times per day versus only 5 percent for those who don’t.

59 percent of those who smoke weed every day lost their virginity when they were 15-years-old or younger, as opposed to 26 percent who have never smoked.

While 80 percent of those who toke up on a daily basis claim that they have had a one-night-stand versus only 52 percent of non-smokers.

Overall, 59 percent of daily weed smokers call their sexual performance “amazing” or “very good” while only 41 percent of those who don’t smoke could say the same.

While all of this is self-reported and subject to some margin of error it seems pretty clear that if you want to be better sex and have it more often you might want to start lighting up a joint every day just to see what happens.

Here are some more results of SKYN condoms annual Millennial Sex Survey (not necessarily weed-related)…

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