Officials Seized Ecstasy Designed To Look Like Minions And This Is Some Despicable E


Despicable Me

Officials in Chile seized 100 tablets of Despicable E, ecstasy printed/designed to look just like the cartoon ‘Minions‘ that have become insanely popular with children over the past few years. And now before we get to the shocking photos of the ecstasy that looks like more like children’s vitamins than drugs I’d just like to acknowledge that my fellow editor David Covucci had a hand in helping me with the headline, he’s the one that told me to use ‘Despicable E’ and I just can’t take credit for that…Now back to the drugs.

Everyone knows that ‘Big Tobacco’ has been marketing their products to kids for decades, but it’s actually quite rare to see drugs that have been printed with a design or stamped into a certain shape to look like something designed for children. There’s still some honor amongst drug dealers, and they don’t want to see kids hooked on drugs because that’s when parents get interested, and that’s when authorities get REALLY interested, and that’s very bad for business. However, these tablets of ecstasy designed to look like Minions are unmistakably marketed towards kids, and not only that they’re quite dangerous because they look like something a toddler would just pick up off a table and eat, thinking it’s a snack:

via TheEpochTimes:

Officials in Chile say they have confiscated ecstasy pills resembling characters from “Despicable Me,” including Minions.
More than 100 of the pills were seized by the authorities, and they were found in children’s drawing sets, ITV reported. Instead of crayons, there were colorful pills shaped like Minions that looked like children’s multivitamin tablets.
They are said to have been transported from the Netherlands to Vina Del Mar, Chile.

All this talk about ecstasy has me scratching my head because frankly I didn’t know that straight up ecstasy was still on the market. I haven’t seen/heard of ecstasy since like 2002. I can’t seem to find the article now, but I vaguely recall reading about a Canadian drug dealer who was supplying like 80% of the United Stats’ supply of ecstasy back then and when he got taken down by authorities ecstasy almost ceased to exist. Maybe it’s big in Chile? I dunno…