Check Out The Miss Criminal 2015 Beauty Pageant Winner Who’s Serving 39 Years For Armed Robbery

Something tells me that the winner of the annual Miss Criminal beauty pageant held at the Talavera Bruce women’s prison in Rio de Janeiro has no problem making friends. Of course I am basing that 100% on my experience watching two seasons of Orange is the New Black, so I could be wrong.

Whether that is true or not, the fact remains that Michele Rangel, 27, (in the red dress, celebrating above) was named Miss Criminal 2015 in what must have been an epic contest.

Rangel, who has been in Talavera Bruce prison since 2010, is currently serving 39 years for armed robbery with an additional six years tacked on for prostitution while inside the prison.

Told you she was popular.

According to the Mirror, the jail in which Rangel is serving her time is Brazil’s only maximum security prison for women and holds the country’s most serious female offenders.

The contest is held in an effort to boost the self-esteem of the women who are being held there.

Checkout a few more photos from the pageant below…

H/T Mirror