Here Are The Miss Universe Contestants Without Makeup Because You Deserve The Truth

Bros, you deserve the truth. It’s important that you know that the Miss Universe candidates look like without makeup, before they’ve gone through hours (days?) of preparation for the Miss Universe pageant. And honestly it’s important that we shift gears from bashing Steve Harvey for a while, otherwise I could have sat here and posted Steve Harvey memes from the Miss Universe pageant for the next year (there’s SO many).

Below are 8 of the top candidates with the before/after pictures showing what these gorgeous women look like without makeup. When you see the Miss Universe candidates on TV it’s clear as day that they’re not just wearing makeup but that they’ve been applying makeup since they woke up that day. Again, it’s important you see them in their state of au naturale. The Daily Mail tracked down before/after photos of Miss Australia, Miss Ireland, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Bahamas, Miss Peru, Miss Ghana, Miss Ecuador, and Miss Argentina…..So scroll below for the truth:

Miss Universe Contestants Without Makeup

Miss Australia Without Makeup

Miss Peru Without Makeup

Miss Ireland Without Makeup

Miss Dominican Republic Without Makeup

Miss Ghana Without Makeup

Miss Ecuador Without Makeup

Miss Bahamas Without Makeup

Miss Argentina Without Makeup

I gotta admit, without naming names I think all but 1 of them really holds up without makeup. Miss Peru and Miss Ghana look just as good without makeup as they do wearing makeup. I understand the need to look perfectly primped and pruned for the Miss Universe competition, but it’s refreshing to know that some of them look stellar without all that work.

Now it’s time for you to catch up on all the Steve Harvey faux pas over the past 48 hours and laugh your ass off.