Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Tweets Out Photo Of Woman’s Butt Crack, Urges State To Vote

by 3 years ago

Today is Election Day. Perhaps you voted. Perhaps you wondered why everyone feels compelled to wear stickers around informing others they voted. Perhaps you’re just waking up after a night of smoking bowls and playing video games.

Whatever your feeling toward the democratic process, we can all agree one thing binds us together as Americans: the love of a comical butt crack.

And Missouri Governor Jay Nixon provided us just that via an unintentionally hilarious tweet earlier today. It was meant to show the governor filling out his ballot next to an ordinary citizen. The only problem is that the ordinary taxpayer’s pants were riding waaaaay too low for primetime.

After being alerted to the problem, Nixon’s people made the tweet go bye-bye, which is a giant misstep. This country needs more politicians saying yes to crack and less toeing the party line.

The woman, on the other hand, is probably grateful. Now that the tweet’s deleted, no one will ever see her crack.

[H/T: Business Insider]

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