Mitchell & Ness Is Bringing Back The 80s With These Sick Mesh Batting Practice Jerseys

I wore out an old mesh Don Mattingly jersey. It had holes all over it. Not the mesh holes, legit holes. Looks like I’m buying a fresh one from Mitchell & Ness because these new mesh BP jerseys are sweet.

Mitchell & Ness is proud to present the Authentic Mesh Batting Practice Jersey Collection. These lightweight mesh jerseys first appeared in the late 1970¹s and were worn during Spring training and pre-game warm ups. By the mid 1980¹s, most teams had adopted the standard of the mesh BP as their practice jerseys. They vary in style and color from team to team, each with its own unique look. In this Mesh BP collection, we have not only ensured that each jersey is 100% Authentic, we have also captured the spirit of the era in which it was originally from.

All the greats from the 1970s through early 90s are available but here are few personal favorites.

[via Hypebeast]

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