M&M’s Is Launching 3 New Flavors, But You Get To Decide Which Candy Stays

by 1 year ago


Your M&M’s are about to get democratic AF. That is because the candymaker is letting you decide the next flavor of M&M’s. With great power comes great responsibility. The candy company released three new flavors of M&M’s — Crunchy Raspberry M&M’s, Crunchy Espresso M&M’s, and Crunchy Mint M&M’s. These are temporary flavors until one is voted to be the next M&M’s flavor because there can only be one.

Starting April 1, all three new M&M flavors will be available at stores nationwide. All the flavors are made with dark chocolate and wrapped in a colorful candy shell. The Crunchy Raspberry M&M has a plain rice crisp in the center, while Crunchy Espresso and Crunchy Mint have a cocoa rice crip inside.