Is This Mom Who Brought Her Nursing Baby to a Concert Pit, 2014’s ‘Mother of the Year?”

Having a kid can really put an end to your social life and fun things you used to do, but this is the sacrifice you make to bring a bundle of joy into the world. However for Megan Christopherson, she is not about to put an end to her social life just because some sperm inseminated her egg. The mother was set on having a grand ole time at a Brad Paisley concert in California with her two very young children, one of which is a baby. The self-centered mom thought it was a great idea to bring her baby, who is still nursing, into the concert pit. The same concert pit where only the drunkest people go to jump, shove, scream, and possibly mosh. When confronted by police Christopherson became agitated and argumentative. “It’s illegal to have my child at a concert?,” says Christopherson to a police officer. Instead of just taking the very reasonable option of sitting in a safer section that will not give your tiny baby instant tinnitus the selfish cunt became standoffish and questioned the cops as the bass rattled the entire arena. “I would like proof that it’s illegal and it’s child endangerment that it will hurt her eardrums.” This atrocious human being demanded a refund and the badge numbers of each and every officers and dragged out the entire pathetic situation longer as her other daughter had to witness her mom be completely repulsive. Our Mother of the Year candidate was also breastfeeding her child at the concert because nurturing breast milk goes best with weed smoke and spilled overpriced beer. I’d give Megan the benefit of the doubt, but having earplugs don’t scream, “I’m the next Clair Huxtable,” plus a couple of weeks ago she pulled the same outlandish shit and brought her infant to a Tim McGraw concert. Kudos to the police officers who displayed much more patience than I could even dream of in this horrible situation.

If you need to go to the concert, there’s this thing called, a “babysitter.” It’s where someone else watches your baby, so you can go to an adult place like a concert and don’t have to bring your cherished infant into a very unsafe environment. Actually the concert was at night, so the baby would have been safer if the mom had just left her in the car like every other awful, unfit parent does. The worst part of all this is that she truly thought she was in the right and was eager to give her name and post the video on the internet to have everyone rush to her side. Talk about delusional. Is she Randy Marsh’s sister?