Mom Shows Up For Court Date Drunk, Carrying Baby, And It Gets Worse

The mom, 19, has a history of arrests on alcohol charges and two felony charges. So a “history” means she was a busy high schooler, you know, drinking and babies and parties and stuff.

She’s still busy all these years later! She’s so busy she didn’t have time to check the calendar and realize her court date was scheduled for the following week.

Drunk mom shows up when she wants! Drunk mom is busy! Drunk mom is a full-time mom and a part-time stripper!

The petition stated Wallace works at the Wise Guys Show Club in Washington Park. Grant claimed to be the one who is taking care of the child and that Wallace drives under the influence with the baby in the car.

Drunk mom doesn’t have time for correct dates and set schedules and the safety of children. Her song is on, she’s needed on the pole!

Here, hold her kid.

[via The Telegraph]

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