Mom Gets Revenge On Girl Who Slept With Her Boyfriend While She Was In Labor By Doing The WORST Thing On Facebook



32-year-old Lorraine Donoghue was in labor with her boyfriend’s child when said boyfriend was apparently bangin’ it out commando-style with an unnamed blonde behind Lorraine’s back. You’d think that the guy would at least be at the hospital where his girlfriend is birthing his kid, so maybe he and the blonde lady ducked into an unoccupied room to hump? We can’t say for sure; all we know is that Lorraine’s boyfriend was cheating on her at the same time she was giving birth to his child and that he took pictures of the infidelity.

“Oh wow what a great idea that was!” – said no one ever.

Upon finding the photos rather than bitch out her shithead boyfriend for cheating on her and then dump him like any normal person, Lorraine decided to take it a step further by sending the explicit photos to the girl’s mother AND boyfriend via Facebook with the message “Here’s your girlfriend” attached. Yep, blonde lady #1 was cheating on HER boyfriend with LORRAINE’S boyfriend. What a classy, classy bunch we have here. According to Mirror,

Prosecutor Graham McLachlan said the photos, six in all, showed the girl “unclothed and engaged in sexual activity” with Donoghue’s partner.

He said the police had no difficulty in tracing the accused, who was detained.

And he added: “She was very co-operative with the police.

“She indicated that the carry-on with her boyfriend had occurred while she was in labour.

“It looks as if the photographs were sent by the accused as some kind of way of getting back at the parties involved.”

Since sending revenge porn is against the law, Donoghue has pleaded guilty of sending indecent or obscene photos against the Telecommunications Act, however she has plead not guilty to two other charges of “causing the other girl’s mother and boyfriend to look at a sexual image by sending them unsolicited messages by social networking.”

She is scheduled to appear for sentencing on November 19th.

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