Mom Thinks Giving 7-Year-Old A Shot Of Whiskey Was ‘Funny’ But Cops Don’t Agree

Mom Gives Kid Fireball Whiskey


Florida mom Patricia Denault poured herself a nice shot of Fireball cinnamon whiskey. You know, to calm the nerves, and Patty thought it would be funny to snap a pic when her 7-year-old son took a sip. It’s a barrel of laughs in Denault house!

Everything probably would have been fine if Patty Fireball didn’t post that picture to Facebook. Facebook — spotting bad parents since 2008.

“Me taking a picture and putting it on Facebook, I thought it was funny,” Denault said. The local cops didn’t think it was funny at all. Denault was arrested  and charged with child neglect.  Three uniformed cops and Child Protective Services showed up at her house and interviewed her kids.

“My children felt intimidated by them being here, while they were being questioned,” said Denault.

Yeah, it probably totally killed their buzz too.

H/T Local 10

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