People Describe The Moment They Started To Hate Their Jobs And It’s Impossible To Pick The Worst Story

I can’t put my finger on or recall the exact moment I started to hate all my old jobs but I do know this — around the year and half mark, every job started to lose its shine. Like clockwork, 18 months into a gig,  I went from loving to hating everything about my 9 to 5.

These people can pinpoint the EXACT moment they stopped giving a crap about their jobs and just started collecting a paycheck. Each entry is more depressing than the next, except for those rare stories where the employee just quit on the spot.

Here are the best (but really worst) responses from the thread.


“Boss at department store wanted me to pressure people into buying shit they didn’t need. Old fella came through, needed help with his disconnecting Internet. I know my networks, identified from his information that the fault was the Ethernet cable between his gateway and wireless AP, sold him a cheap cable. Boss tells me I should have tried to sell him a new router too. Guy was a fucking pensioner, you slimy cunt. I quit a few days later, fuck that shit, I refuse to lie to sell shit.” — SoleilNobody


“When the new guy who relies on me to do his job got promoted.” — ADirtyGerman

“When I asked for a big ass fan be put in our work area to help circulate air, since we were working in 120 temps with nothing to move the air around. I was told it wasn’t in the budget to purchase another fan. Two weeks later I found out that not only did no one check the budget or put in a request for said fan, we had two sitting in storage gathering dust.” — mysterious_baker


“This happened a few weeks ago. My boss told me to go to one of the project leaders and tell him to stop work at a particular project. So I do that. The project leader goes like “this is ridiculous, this is a 400k job”, to which I was like “[my boss] told me to tell you. Don’t shoot the messenger”. So the project leader talks to the operation manager, the operations manager comes up to me while my boss is in the room, goes like “/u/darksoldierk, did you tell the project leader to stop work at a particular project?”, I say “yes I did”, “why?”, “cause [my boss] told me to”, the operation manager turns to my boss, goes like “[/u/darksoldierk’s boss] did you tell /u/darksoldierk to tell the project leader to stop work at this job site?” my boss says “no I did not”. There were 3 other people in the room when my boss originally told me to do this, and those same 3 people were also in the room in that moment, no one spoke up.” — darksoldierk

“I started working for Radio Shack as a Christmas employee in 1989. When the holiday months were over they offered me a full time job and I took it. For the first 4-5 months it was great and I enjoyed coming to work. Then the manager got fired and a new manager took over. At first he was okay and we got along decently especially since they had announced that they were going to move the store to a newly built strip mall where we should see a nice uptick in business. Great!

The week of the move I put in a lot of overtime helping get the new store set up (putting up shelves, arranging things etc). The weekend we moved the district manager screwed us. He said he was going to rent a big a u-haul truck and get 15-20 people to help us. He did nothing and got nobody so we were on our own. I worked 36 hours straight, went home for 6 hours to sleep then came back and worked another 12 getting everything moved and set up.

The district manager didn’t thank me for putting in all those hours and helping, he bitched that it took so long to do and said we were weak. When I went to turn in my time card my manager didn’t want to pay me for all the overtime. He and the district manager tried to convince me to “volunteer” those hours. When I demanded to be paid they told me they might have to let me go because my hours are throwing the store payroll out of whack. I told them if they wanted to fire me for asking to be paid for the hours I worked it was fine with me so long as they paid me.

After a couple of days of arguing they agreed to pay me.

From that moment on I didn’t give a shit. I started to realize that they didn’t care about me and I was just here to collect a check.” — Kane55


“When i got told that my colleague and i already get paid too much when we asked for a little extra…
We’re currently paid minimum wage.” — Tank787

“When the CEO sneered at me, “Should I call your mother, and tell her you can’t do your job?”
No one had bothered to train me and I wasn’t getting paid.
I took my things and left. Never went back.” — ColdLikeDeath


“Worked a 12 hour shift, then stayed on an extra hour because it was insanely busy. Received no thanks, and was told by management to ”man up and stay another hour’. Needless to say, I didn’t. — GumdropsandIceCream


“I was told by an old manager to begin handing off a project I had been working on for a year. In the last conference call I was scheduled on, I let everyone know about this. I also threw him directly under the bus when I told them it was his decision.
He of course said, “That’s not what I said!” and I had printed emails in hand when he called me into a meeting with our director and tried to blame me for the pissed off clients.

That was the beginning of the end for me there, as that conversation painted a huge target on my back for my manager. He forced me to be on call 24/7, and would threaten to fire me when I asked to come in late after being called in at 2am every single night.” — DarkStarOhio


“Worked sales in a radio station. We promoted the hell out of this concert coming up and usually if the numbers reached the goal we had I would get a bonus for it. Usually, a large bonus. We double the attendance, easily beating the goal we had, and I received a $10 gift card to Applebee’s.


Immediately after I got that gift card I applied for a new job, and ended up leaving. When they asked why I was leaving, I decided to be honest and said “When you compensate someone with a 10 dollar gift card to Applebees for reaching a milestone for a concert, you won’t keep many people.” — CSJohnson


“This was what happened at Starbucks. My first year there we all got a couple hundred bucks as a Christmas bonus and then later that year exceeded our sales goals and got enough money to take the whole store staff to dinner.

The next year, no bonus, no store party/dinner but they did give one person $20 for exceeding the goals.

The year after that they gave one person (out of about 15 stores) a $5 Starbucks gift card for selling some obscene amount of whole bean coffee.

The next year the company had it’s most profitable holiday in years, something like 8% growth (which is huge for companies) and we got an email from the CEO saying thanks. Then later that year they launched a new product which required a ton of extra work and were a giant pain in the ass to make, we still exceeded goals and they sent out a box of those awful orange jelly candies to the stores. The worst part was there were like 5 candies in the box and most stores employ 15+ staff, so there weren’t even enough to give everyone in the store a piece of junk candy. It was such a slap in the face when we’d been working our butts off to grow sales with less hours for labor and they sent that.” — jammbin


“For 7 years I had a boss who valued the work people did, and didn’t care how you arrived at the end product. Motivated and innovative employees were recognized and generally received additional responsibility and challenges.

Then came the new boss, who was the text book example of micro manager, and ran the department like it was a 50’s assembly line. Watched the amount of time people took breaks, watched the minute people arrived, and the minute they left. Achievements were no longer recognized and employees were just cogs in a wheel.

If there is no incentive to do anything more than the minimum amount of effort, the minimum amount of effort will be done.” — xcaliburinhand


“My story is similar. my boss had this system where if you hit a certain sales goal ten times, you got a bonus. i busted my ass to hit that goal and picked up three bonuses (thirty goals) before anyone else hit their goal more than once or twice. he thanked me…by getting rid of the sales goals. no more bonuses for hard work. no raises, no promotions. he’s repeatedly told me i’m one of his best employees, but refuses to pay me anything more than minimum wage. unfortunately work is five minutes from my house, incredibly easy, and my beater can’t take the miles to work anywhere else. so i’m stuck here for the time being.” — vampyrita


“Worked as an attorney at a small firm ~30 attorneys. We had a gigantic case that occupied years of firm time and involved basically every attorney at the firm at some point. Without going into details, we won big time. We won an absolutely huge verdict for our client, and more importantly than that, we actually got paid for it too when the defendant chose not to appeal and agreed to an 8-figure settlement. Our firm took a standard 33% cut.

Since we were primarily a defense shop, the firm didn’t have a written policy on how to divide large awards from plaintiff’s side cases. Even accounting for the lead attorney and partners taking their standard huge cuts and associates getting minuscule percentages, every associate at the firm was looking at a high 5-figure or 6-figure bonus from the case (depending on seniority).
Instead, the senior partners got extra greedy, and so they fucked everyone else. They gave every associate $1,500, and not a penny more. Within 6 months, every single associate had quit. All told, I’d estimate that they screwed us associates out of well over two million dollars in bonuses that any ethical firm would’ve disbursed.” — RashanGaryBusey


If you’ve got a worse story, leave it in the comments. It will be tough to top some of these kicks to the nuts.

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