Here’s Visual Evidence Of Why Snow Storms Suck Gigantic Donkey Balls And Snow’s Wildly Overrated

In general, there are two scenarios where snow is welcomed with open arms. The first of those scenarios is in a ski town like Big Sky, Montana where the local economy depends on feet of fresh powder getting dumped down from the heavens. The second scenario where most people look forward to snow is in a major city like NYC or Boston, where the city is on high alert plowing the roads around the clock, and nobody’s really inconvenienced at all because there are emergency plans in place and individual citizens don’t have to do the shoveling themselves.

I say in general, because above we see an exception to this rule. Montreal is no stranger to snow, it gets covered in fresh white powder every Winter, but that didn’t stop all hell from breaking loose. The city bus couldn’t pump the brakes and went plowing (goddammit, I didn’t mean to make that pun)…It went plowing into the back of all those cars and created a Cluster Fuck Royale (that’s what they call a cluster fuck in French Canada).

(h/t TastefullyOffensive)

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