Check Out This Morbidly Obese Guy Getting Crazy Turnt At This Festival

by 4 years ago

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Typical festival bros, amiright? Always on those designer drugs, acting a fool. You would think when you’re a morbidly obese black guy at what appears to be the whitest music festival ever, you might want to try and blend in and keep a low pro, but this guy’s like “nah, Imma do me.”

“Doing me” for this dude entails gettin’ crazy high on some hard drugs, humping the ground, and chomping on some grass. You know you’ve got an eating problem when you’re shoveling grass in your mouth because there’s no food within arm’s reach.

Anyone else impressed by how limber he is? Methinks that beneath layers and layers of fat lies an aspiring yogi.

Also, is there anyone worse than this guy –

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.16.22 AM

This dude just can’t stand for the attention to be off of him for one second. There’s always one jerk-off like this, and they are the worst type of people. This isn’t your moment, bro. Stand back, get your popcorn out, and enjoy the show.

PS – how bad does that music sound? There’s some music that would inspire me to roll on the grass like a madman, but this certainly ain’t it.

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