There Are More Weed Shops In This West Coast State Than There Are Starbucks Or McDonald’s

Medical marijuana has long been been a staple of the West Coast, first being passed into law in Oregon back in 1998 with 54.6% of voters approving the ‘Oregon Medical Marijuana Act’, aka Oregon Ballot Measure 67. A lot has changed since 1998, with 23 of our nation’s states allow medical marijuana, and 4 states (and Washington D.C.) legalizing recreational marijuana. As we march towards October 1st, the first day in which recreational marijuana will be sold in the state of Oregon we’re bound to see a ridiculous amount of weed-related stats and headlines coming out of that state.

First up? Business Insider pointing out how marijuana, weed, ganja, or whatever you want to call it is MORE POPULAR in the state of Oregon than both Starbucks AND McDonald’s. In fact, even before the launch of legalized recreational marijuana there are already more weed shops (269 medical marijuana dispensaries, 310 total dispensaries, some of which presumably aren’t open yet) in the state of Oregon than there are either McDonald’s (205) or Starbucks (248). The one fast food chain outnumbering marijuana dispensaries in Oregon is Subway with 328 locations.

This site shows a map of all the current dispensaries operating in the state of Oregon:

As you can see, the preponderance of Oregon’s marijuana dispensaries are located in or around the Portland area….presumably the fast food chains are located there as well.

So what are you supposed to do with this new information? Nothing, nothing at all. Just know that there’s a ton of weed being slung out in Oregon, and consider Oregon for you next weed vacation over Colorado, because Oregon’s quite possibly the most beautiful state in the nation.

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