Moron Jumps Off An Eight-Story Building Into A Marina, Almost Dies

There’s a very real line when “do it for the story” becomes reckless, dangerous, and straight-up stupid. Masked California-based YouTuber 8Booth has crossed that line weeks ago with his channel of death-defying jumps. As Thrillist notes, His most recent effort is off an apartment building in Newport Beach, California into the marina below. He barely misses a dock below, resulting in the most sweaty-palmed “OH SHIT” moment I’ve had watching a YouTube video in a while.

Back in September his illegal jump off a cliff at Crystal Cove State Park attracted all sorts of negative attention from the media and local authorities worried about copy-cat jumpers.


“We are interested in talking to him regarding the criminal activity that took place,” said Eric Dymmel, Park Superintendent of California State Parks.

“Someone leaping from those heights are at risk, of course, of death, paralysis, any number of broken bones or internal injuries,” Dymmel said.

Nochlin asks Booth if he would be willing to talk to authorities.

His answer, “Definitely not.”

He’s posted several videos of other jumps he’s made on YouTube. Booth says he’s even had a few injuries. But to him, it’s all worth it.

“A lot of people think it’s stupid,” he says, “But you know what, I think it’s stupid to sit in a cubicle all day.”

How anti-authority, man! What a bunch of squares, those up-tight cubicle jockeys. The bottomline is that risky behavior like this “for the ‘Gram” or YouTube video or whatever does have consequences — Just last week an extremely popular NYC urban explorer died trying to surf a subway train.

Meanwhile, back on YouTube, 8Booth is being put on blast:

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