Dude With A GoPro On His Head Jumps Off Scary Ass Cliff In California, Comes Within Inches Of Death (Video)

Bruh. If you’re going to covertly climb your ass out onto a remote cliff along the Californian Coastline, sandwiched between what appears to be private property and a SCARY AS HELL drop off, then AT THE VERY LEAST you can at least take a good jump when you leave dry land. This dude didn’t get that memo, and as you can see from the video above (GIF below) he literally came within inches of either dying or coming completely paralyzed and breaking every bone in his body…Though if the latter happened he likely would’ve slipped into the water and drowned because of that whole paralyzation thing. Cliff jumping is never particularly safe, but this brings the name ‘extreme sports’ to a whole new level.

Just look at how fucking close this guy was to completely destroying his life, though I prefer the video above because you can hear him screaming his ass off as the rocks grow ever closer:

Inches. That’s the only buffer he had between the cliff and the water.

Thank God he at least chose a cliff with an incredibly steep drop off point into the water and he didn’t slam into rocks the second he’d entered the Pacific Ocean.

For those of you that are curious, Gizmodo.com points out that the cliff in question here can be found in California’s Crystal Cove at a rock formation famous with locals.