Decades Later, New Secret ‘Mortal Kombat’ Menus Have At Last Been Discovered

Just last year the dudes at the Cutting Room Floor cracked the necessary puzzle and uncovered the EJB menu, which was named after the game’s co-creator, Ed J. Boon. I like your narcissistic flair Ed, bravo broheme. To unlock that EJB menu you’ve gotta’ play a two-player game with your buddy and then player one and player two must frantically push the block button back ‘n forth in a rapid-fire succession. Stressful in every sense of the word man. Here are the codes:

P1 (x5), P2 (x10), P1 (x2), P2 (x1), P1 (x2), P2 (x3), P1 (x4)

You can also tap into EJB menus in Mortal Kombat II and 3. See below:

P1 (x5), P2 (x10), P1 (x2), P2 (x8), P1 (x2)

P1 (x5), P2 (x10), P1 (x3), P2 (x1), P1 (x2), P2 (x2), P1 (x3), P2 (x4)

Now after 23 years of impassioned but fruitless button-mashing combos amidst the pursuit to unlock every facet of the epic forefather of action-packed arcade games, ‘Mortal Kombat,’ even newer secret menus have finally been discovered–but what kinds of perks will be readily available now?

You can check out a stats menu, all the character endings, and toss your name at the top of the high score list, which is kind of unfortunate when you consider the immaturity apt to show face at such a sweet, sweet opportunity. A reader over at UPROXX shared his thoughts on the matter and it’s spot on in terms of potential implications at your local greasewheel-servin’ family arcade/pizzeria dive:

This kind of news makes my fucking heart swell bros. It brings back the days of my formative youth (granted, I’m an oversized manchild nowadays) when I’d pool together dolla bills and coins to save up for that new cheat code book, which would provide the lazy lil bum nugget that I was the shortcuts to unlocking every games’ characters, levels, and achievements before I could snag another ice cold canned Fanta out the fridge. You know that feel though right? The one-minute victory that was entering in that one code correctly, after previously sweating and grinding your teeth as you tried to truck through some excruciatingly OP boss.